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the night of the spamming dead

Rated R for fun violence.

\ Now in a Theater Near You /

Coming Soon
"Night of the Spamming Dead II - Spamicidal Tendencies"

Congress passes their crappy Can-SPAM Act giving the Spammers control and protected-species status.
The Spammer Scum returns for another assault on humanity and humanity is pissed!
There is nowhere on Earth for the Spam Scum to hide. Not even Baghdad.
Rated RRR for extreme (ly fun) violence.
"Finally, a film that invokes the publics right to kill spammers as a service to humanity." Newsleek Magazine
"Spammers in other countries get the death sentence. This is a step in the right direction." The Wishington Pissed

"Death of a Spamsman"

The classic story comes to the movies. The story of Wile E. Loathsome,
a traveling Spamsman, who experiences a profound sense of failure as he discovers aging
and takes stock in his lack of accomplishments. He eventually realizes that all his spamming has
done is to make the world want to kill him. Afer realizing the feces-monger that he has
become, he takes action. The film ends happily with his suicide.

Rated G for Happy Ending

"Great movie about the most pathetic life-form on the planet, the internet spammer whore." The Chicago Trigoon
"Fantastic dive into the mind of a parasite on his way to his much deserved demise." The Wall Street Urinal

Titles/programs under development

To Kill a Spammingbird

Godzilla vs. Spamera

"Look Mom, I made a Spammer. Toilet training your child"

The Texas Chainsaw Spammer Massacre - Guaranteed to be loads of fun.

Feces. More horrifying than Species

"The colonoscopy. Getting all of the spammers out of the colon before the test."

Being a Good Neighbor. When walking your dog it is your responsibility to pick up the spammers your dog drops.

Spamitis. Preventing cranial-rectal disorder from spreading beyond the spammer community.

The typical spammer. Connecting his list of scams to his brain.
Adding spyware, adware, viruses and trojans. Then he sends it.
As Yoda puts it, "Crap and crime, a purveyor of a spammer is."

According to the news, the Tomkitten has had its first excrement of spammer-brains bronzed.

For the first time in history, spammer brains have been bronzed and auctioned on Ebay.

Now for the serious stuff...

If you receive SPAM or ANY email of questionable origin...
DELETE IT immediately. DO NOT open it.

No matter how curious, enticing or odd the subject,... DO NOT open it.

Spammers use every trick lie in the book to entice you to open their malware-laden garbage. "Save the Whales", "Hello my friend", "Your order confirmation", "Help and Tech support". "Daily news", "message from Jesus", "your loan approved". Everything from politics to religion to porn to sensational news headlines. The list goes on. Spammers are nothing more than lying criminals trying to rip you off. Their deception and dishonesty knows no boundaries.

Some infectors pose as E-cards with a subject of "E-card from 'someone close to you'". The title is suspicious in itself as someone close to you would tell you who they are. Also, e-card services do not ask you for the relationship between the sender and the receiver. Another key give-away is the links inside of these. If you see something like in the link addresses, you have no clue where the link really takes you. This one for example is assigned to some unknown operation in Korea.

If you open SPAM, hidden links contact malicious websites and
harvest every bit of information about you and your computer that they can.
They also record what spams were opened and tally what subject lines capture
the most fools.
Just by opening a spam, you are turning your PC over to some malicious
cretin who would steal from his own mother. Opening spam is simply one
of the dumbest things anyone can do.

DO NOT try to opt-out (this just confirms your email address)
while you go to their spyware, adware and virus infesting websites to do it.

Fact: SPAM contains adware, spyware, viruses and trojans.
Once on your PC, their malware can contact malicious websites that can then install more
malicious programs on your computer.
Before you know it, they have complete access to your PC and every file on it.
They can harvest names from your address book and track your web usage.
They can literally track and even control, eveything you do on the internet!
They can turn your PC into one of their "bots", helping them further their dastardly deeds.
(Some Spammers brag that they've had up 400,000 "bots" under their control at a given time.)

If you play with SPAM, you will get burned.
You'll likely burn every friend in your address book(s) too. THANKS A LOT!
You won't even know it until it too late.

Ever wonder why your computer seems to running so much slower?

Returned or undelivered email?
If you didn't send it, DELETE it.

Does spam come from where the reply address indicates? NO.
Spammers are nothing more than cheap identity thieves.
They steal our email addresses and domain names with their spyware and
viruses and use them in their criminal activities.
Spoofing the "From" field in an email isn't that difficult.

Spammers spoof the return address for a number of reasons:

1. If their crap gets bounced, it gets returned to someone else and becomes my problem or yours.

2. To hide the origin so you don't know where it really came from

3. To keep themselves from being blacklisted.
(Unfortunately, you and your friends might get blacklisted because they steal
and use you and your friends email IDs and domain names.)

The bottom line.
Mass email marketing companies (Spammers) charge a fraction
of a penny for every piece of junk they spew.

(If they were to send this much crud through the postal
system it would cost them billions and be cost prohibitive.)

The only thing Spammers (or the companies that use their services)
have to do to make this scheme profitable is find that one
idiot in a million who will open the email and click just enough times
to give them access to all the information on his/her PC,
(credit or banking information being a big bonus).

Opening a spam can unleash a search of your PC to reveal what you do
online, what sites you visit, where you bank and what you buy.

What can they do with one piece of information?
Let's say you pay your bills online with your Wells Fargo account.
Next you get a bogus email from Wells Fargo asking you to go to the
(fake) Wells Fargo website and enter all of your account and credit information.
Otherwise, they threaten that your accounts are going to be frozen.

What do some people do?
Following the fear the liars have spewed forth,
some may actually go to unknown links and enter the information.
It happens every day. Then the victims discover their life savings were
wired to some bank account in India. Many countries have no laws
against what they consider, "entrepreneurs". The US has no jurisdiction.
You're screwed dude! You just lost your life savings
and there is no one who is going to help you get it back.

This is just one example of how spammers steal, cheat and exploit people.
As long as spam is profitable, the scumbag feces of humanity will send it.
Spammers are the cancer that plagues the internet.

Do NOT open spam. Be proud that you have the brain capacity to delete the feces of spammers.

Here's another way to think about it.
You are playing the game of SPAM Warfare.
For every SPAM you delete, you kill a member of the Al Quada-like
army of Spam Terrorists.
You have the power to DELETE these insurgents! Use it!

Turn off the preview pane in your email client.
This is a good idea as it prevents your email client (Outlook or whatever)
from opening any emails automatically.
If the preview pane opens a SPAM, BAM, your machine can be infected with viruses, worms, trojans,
spyware, adware or whatever malicious payload the spammer scum sends you.

Further info from Hoax-Slayer

U.S. victims of Internet fraud schemes should file complaints online with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a joint project of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center, at Victims of telemarketing fraud should contact the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel, at

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